pent-up pentecost

23 05 2010

Pentecost is fascinating, exciting, dynamic, alive, confusing, messy and wonderfully undefinable. So in manner of the song “Indescribable” that then goes on to describe God, here is my definition of the undefinable…! There is more, so much more to be said, but you have to start somewhere…

Pentecost is the affirmation and declaration that faith in Yahweh, Creator God, revealed through Jesus, is not a historical relic, not an oddity lost in time to be studied in books, but is a living and breathing reality; that God’s dynamic power is not to be found in ‘created stuff’ like crosses or crucifixes or bread and wine or churches like some magical spell cast down from on high if only the priest or worship leader or preacher makes the right incantation – though God may still use these things and places.

God’s living and dynamic spirit is mostly and properly and fantastically to be found in human beings, poured out on us as part of the last days, not the prelude to an escape from earth but as the transforming presence of Jesus Christ sent here into the world, like a spark that lights a match that lights a bonfire that burns forever.

May we be alive with that fire burning with the Spirit.


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