18 05 2010


There is a brick.
Old, used, dirty.
From a bathroom, a house, a wall,
Inside, outside, who knows.
But what was once solid, stable, full of purpose
Now, discarded, broken, useless.

Until today.
Today the brick was rediscovered,


Rescued from the skip
From the pile, from the ground.



Reclaimed and chiselled and cleaned and reshaped.
Reclaimed and re-made.
Reclaimed and chosen and saved and tenderly loved.
A brick?
A humble old brick.


A new brick, for a new wall.
Mis-shapen, chipped, scarred.
A wall with reclaimed old bricks
Is patchy, odd, shabby.

and re-made.
The old made new.
The old made new.

Bricks:reclaimed (I didn't build this one!)

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2 responses

18 05 2010


I have a faith
A faith that one day I will slough off this old body which is showing signs of its age and be made new. Just as the brick is still a brick I shall still be me.

But the new me will be so much better.
Not just better looking but an altogether better person
shaped and developed by my experiences in this life.
A more spiritual being a more loving being a more Godlike being.

And I shall have a place in a larger wall.

Maybe growing old isn’t such a bad thing.

19 05 2010
Dia Adem

A riposte from a secular brick.

What a cheek,
you and your irrational reclaiming clique,
to say that there is life after the skip.
Are you away on a trip?

There is no wall,
can be built at all,
with bricks that have got to the end.
You are well round the bend.

What right have you,
To do what you do,
To spoil our end with your chisel and brush?
Its our right to be left in a skip load of slush.

You can’t build a new wall,
Its no good at all,
To take old bricks and use them again.
They really won’t keep out the rain.

How can bricks be made new,
By one as stupid as you,
Its illogical, irrational tosh.
You can’t make a brick new with a wash.

There is no proof at all
You can build a new wall
With bricks reclaimed from a heap.
Its something you dreamt in your sleep.

Its your personal belief,
If it brings you relief,
That’s fine but please keep it quiet
If you don’t you’ll start a brick throwing riot!

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