green party to blame for ash cloud

16 04 2010


On the day of an historic televised debate between 3 mildly interesting white men playing a grown-up version of “my dad’s bigger than your dad”, the Green Party came up with the best distraction in the history of environmental politics. Political terrorism, maybe?

Coinciding with the launch of their manifesto, to show the us the voters how fragile our lifestyle is, how finely balanced our economy is, and how we are really at the mercy of nature even though we think we are in control, they forced the eruption of an Icelandic volcano. Using symbology techniques honed from years of reading Dan Brown, I can show the Green Party logo reveals this was their intention, the green globe being surrounded by clouds of ash disguised as petals.

They scored a unique double-whammy. Not only did they keep the TV debate from being the main story, but due to a strategically-placed wind-farm blowing the ash over the entire air-space of Northern Europe, they also reduced the carbon emissions in one go by forcing the grounding of the entire fleet of planes.

One huge spout of hot air stealing the show, leaving 3 smaller producers of hot air ashen-faced, with a dark cloud hanging over them, their planes well and truly grounded and their press offices erupting with displeasure. Well, they say every cloud has a silver lining.

the TV debate cleared the airports

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2 responses

16 04 2010

Isn’t it interesting how we have reacted to the volcanic ash, whoever started it! There have been two threads that I have seen:
1. Why didn’t we know this was coming and why weren’t we told.
2. How is man going to sort this out and stop it.

It seems to come as a complete shock to almost everybody that the planet is not subdued by man and that he cannot forecast accurtately or control what happens. THis is one small volcani, and it will not have an effect equivalent to the disappearance of the dinasaurs, (or Gordon Brown!) but it does remind us that the planet has been subject to forces far in excess of what we can control or understand for millions of years, yet we still persist in thinking that man is in charge.

And when ‘nature’ dares to interfere with our travle plans – well it is outrageous.

God, of course has a different view of things. He has created a world that survives these pressures and adapts to them, as it will again. He has tasked us with working woith him in stewardship of his creation and people.

Last night we had three wannabee Prime Ministers on the box. Did they talk about principles like this? No – they talked about how to fix things so the rich can get back to being richer – its the economy stupid! I’m not suggesting that the volcanic gas is the equivalent of a plague of locusts, bnut maybe wqe should let God get our attention and remind our erstwhile leaders of their responsibilities to ALL citizens to allow them freedom and life, not to control them. Even God doesn’t control us.

16 04 2010

It takes things like this to put our lives in perspective. We love to control, not to steward, to dominate, not oversee. Politicians are little different, and sometimes we like them to appear ‘in control’.

I hope the ash is a lesson to us all control, about our place in creation, about God – though a very inconvenient lesson for the 2 sets of people I know currently stranded in Johannesburg!

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