coming alive

3 04 2010

Seems like only yesterday
Life belong to runaways
Nothing here to see, no looking back
Every sound monotone
Every color monochrome
Life begin to fade into the black
Such a simple animal
Steralized with alcohol
I could hardly feel me anymore

Desperate, meaningless
All filled up with emptiness
Felt like everything was said and done

I lay there in the dark, I close my eyes
You saved me the day you came alive

This is my Easter song. This is my resurrection song. This is my faith song. This is my prayer. It is raw, it is loud, it is deep, is cries out from the deepest places, it is a psalm, and it speaks to all who have known dark places.

Is it about Jesus? Is it about Peter? Mary? Is it about us? Is it about the darkness and death of Easter Saturday and the crazy unexpected journey to the life of Easter Sunday? Is it a cry of hope or a cry of pain, is it a memory of Jesus alive or a hope that he will be? Is it ‘Christian’? Who knows and who cares. There is no word in the Hebrew Scriptures for religion. There is no word in the Hebrew Scriptures for spiritual. There is only life, under God.

It is by the Foo Fighters. It is Come Alive. Listen, feel it, pray it.

Then, watch this – Rob Bell on the resurrection, and what it actually means that Jesus came alive. 





2 responses

3 04 2010
Han :)

Amen to that 😀
I don’t normally like Foo Fighters but this song, well it speaks for itself.

7 04 2010

Foo Fighters rock at all times and in all places! Thanks for liking this one tho!

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