mustard been mistaken

24 03 2010

mustard been mistaken?

Mustard is a must have for proper Christians. Jesus himself talked of mustard, and if he knew mustard, so must we. So it was that my mustard collection began. Jesus said that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we will be able to move mountains. Being as I find it hard to move a wheelbarrow of earth, moving a mountain seemed impossible. But, I thought, perhaps if I have a  mustard seed, this will be possible. I held it. I ate it. I commanded the mountain to move. It did not. I stared at Rose Hill (ok, it’s not quite a mountain, but it’s where I live), and it stared right back at me. I think people around me were relieved.

Not to be defeated, I thought that perhaps he had exaggerated the power of a mustard seed. Christian speakers are prone to exaggerating their stories. So, I bought a jar of mustard seeds. That’ll do it! All that power contained in a jar of mustard seeds! What faith!


Then my friend Dave, for that is his name and not just a TV channel, pointed something out. There is no power in mustard seeds. No power in mustard seeds? But, but…Jesus said mustard seeds, he did, he did…

It is faith the size of a mustard seed. Not an actual mustard seed. Really? Oh yes. Suddenly my mustard seed collection was rendered useless. My daily intake of wholegrain mustard nothing more than a taste sensation and not a faith ingestion. Faith cannot be eaten and is not contained in things. The knowledge that I must have been mistaken was hard to take.

So I went and bought a ruler to measure the mustard seed so I would know how much faith I would need to move mountains. In comparison with a nutmeg, it is very small. So now, instead of walking around with mustard seeds, I wander round with a ruler. Measure, measure. Always measure. Always compare. Your faith to mine. My faith to 3mm of mustard seed. That is my new rule. For that is that Jesus had in mind.

Isn’t it?

seed what i mean

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3 responses

24 03 2010

Ah, fortunately the Government have a solution for you. What you need is a target. They have done a study and decided that everybody needs a minimum of 1.673 mustard seeds of faith. So you need to measure your faith and if it is not coming up to the target then you need to adjust your lifestyle so that it does.

Of course the drug companies are working on a drug to help you. It may have unwanted side effects like making you a fanatic but it will make them millions of dollars which is more important. They have also done some studies and discovered that there is good faith and bad faith. Good faith is entirely personal, and must be kept quiet. It never challenges the morality of the government and doesn’t ask awkward questions. Bad faith on the other hand is radical, doesn’t go along with today’s assumptions and asks awkward questions. Bad faith must be eradicated because some people have been known to die for it.

24 03 2010

I love Jesus teaching because he talks of organisms not machines, faith like a field not like a motherboard or an engine. Not measurements and calibrations, but fruit.

The church makes me uncomfortable sometimes because it can seem like those drug companies, selling us a book along with a branded diary and daily notes collection that promise us this is the way.

Let’s go for good faith. Let’s eat mustard. But not put our faith in it.

24 03 2010

Well said, I totally agree.

I think one of the reasons the secularists get so annoyed with the Christian faith is it isn’t a logical system and so cannot be defeated by logical argument. There is the dimension of spirituality and the inexplicable love of God they they just don’t get.

I line your analogy of the drug companies and I think we also have a tendency to talk in ‘gobbledegook’ just like they do.

I think we have sometimes to play by the world’s rules and that means engaging in the argument about morality and government in ways that can be understood by those who don’t share our faith. I am certain we need to get put there and argue our corner in the public debate and I am still praying for wise and prophetic Christians who will do so to stand up and be counted.

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