o come all ye fearful, tearful and bewildered

19 12 2009

Real tinsel and sparkle comes when the Holy Spirit speaks and the hairs on the back of your neck tingle. Real tinsel and sparkle comes when the awesome possibility becomes as close to an awesome reality as tentative faith will allow – that God is real, is really here, always was here, really did come to be among us and has never left. Real tinsel and sparkle comes when singing carols outside in the freezing cold and seeing people wind down their windows to hear, and telling stories of their long-ago baptism. Real tinsel and sparkle comes when we don’t just do what we always do but do what we are born to do: see something different, something new, something fresh, something real, something beautiful, something tantalising. Real tinsel and sparkle comes when all those who never ‘come’ to ‘church’ meet the church on the street, smile at the carols. Real tinsel and sparkle comes because Christmas is for the crowd, the onlookers, those who don’t get it.  They are the shepherd’s mates, the wise men’s companions, the ox, the ass and the inn-keeper. Watching, waiting, musing, doubting, hoping, asking, wondering. And, like the rest of us, fearful, tearful and bewildered.

So, in the re-casting of a classic written below by my friend Ian, come all ye hopeful, doubtful and despondent. Let’s join the donkeys.

O come all ye hopeful, doubtful & despondent;
O come ye, o come ye to Calvary Cross
Come & behold him, is he who he claimed to be:

The one who can redeem us?
The one who
ll keep his promise?
The hope for all the  hopeless?
Christ the Lord?

O come all ye fearful, tearful & bewildered
O come ye, o come ye to Calvary Cross
Who else but Jesus bothers with  the  likes of us?

Who helps us face what scares us?
When ears are deaf who hears us?
Through pain & mess who steers us?
Christ the Lord?

O come all ye outcasts, all ye judged & branded
Come all ye misfits to one place you belong
Who dares condemn you?  Jesus won’t condemn you!

So bring ye your accusers, objectors & abusers;
It’s they who need Christ’s mercy
at Calvary Cross

Come, come & worship, worship Christ the Lord;
Come, come & worship, come & worship Christ the Lord

© Ian Edgson




4 responses

21 12 2009

Isn’t it interest8ing that at this time of joy and hope the world’s leaders once again demonstrate their inability to agree on something they all agree on – that we need to act to “save the world” from climate change. Greed and personal political interest takes over and nothing is advanced.

Should that leave us fearful, tearful and bewildered? Maybe it does for some, but it need not. Man has again demonstrated his inability and his need of God. And Christmas reminds us that God is and always has been at work in the world and he is the sustainer of His creation.

Fear not says he for mighty dread has seized man’s troubled mind
Good news I bring to you, and all mankind
I am in charge and I will not allow you to wreck my creation
I am the resurrection and the life. trust in me.

21 12 2009

Amen to that! At least god is bigger than our agendas and political fudges. We just have to get on with ‘doing the stuff’ regardless of global politics. Little
change there then. But at least they were there, and trying.

21 12 2009
Simon Cowbell

With my Simon Cowbell X-Factor vision, I wonder if you might have discovered a suitable lyric for the 2010 X-Factor winner’s Christmas single?
Alternatively, perhaps you could start a blog campaign to persuade Rags Against The Machine to record a duet with the Singing Nun of ‘Living In The Name Of’ as their follow up to Killing In The Name Of. Let’s get Jesus hip-hop-hyped, pop fans!
Or maybe Aled Jones will have a monster success next Christmas with his pop satire ‘Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen’, when we all look back at this year’s events through the redeeming filter of history and conclude that God was working in a mysterious way all along. Shame about the planet, though. I was kind of fond of it.
By the way, do you think Santa might bring me some political fudge for Christmas? I like mine a bit nutty.

23 12 2009

Maybe in Copenhagan next year!!!! Perhaps it should be booked in for the Maldives (or the Antartic) to make a point.

As we read in the article about fairtrade, at least we can postively play a part individually now or collectively as part of our church communities.

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