away in a danger II: return of the fool

9 12 2009

So it came to pass that the Christingle indeed it came
And all were enamoured at the twinkling candle flame
A hundred and forty oranges in a hundred and forty hands
Apart from the vicar’s mistakes everything went to plan

For it was that very evening and again today at school
That the Christmas story it was told by a vicar playing the fool
He got all the names quite wrong and the details all a fluster
Jesus born in Basingstoke and the wise men bringing custard

Janet and Jeremiah rented a fantastic motor caravan
A penthouse suite for Jesus’ birth and camels carrying policemen
Angels appeared to window cleaners the birth it was so clean
Mary expecting a new job with no baby on the scene

I guess you had to be there as the children yelled and shouted
“Bethlehem”, “Joseph” despite the fantastical things I touted
So I the vicar fumbled for the gospels to rectify my errors
For the children knew the story well the clever little terrors

Yes they love to sing the favourite songs like away in a manger
And they insist on three wise men and some things even stranger
But it reminded me that such generalisations are not always right
That children don’t know the Christmas story (which gives us all a fright)

And these were not ‘churchy’ children but they had done it at school (or somewhere)
And they knew the real story despite being mis-told by the fool (with silly hair)
It prompted me to not to  always fall down the depressingly slippery slope
And to remember that at Christmas time there is always room for hope

christmas tingle




One response

10 12 2009

away in carshalton
the vicar he said
i will tell you a story
which you probably not read

so he change some of the details
to see how much they knew
and the clever little terrors
all his presumptions blew

how great ‘non churchy’ children
see a vicar playing the fool
responding enthusiastically
insisting he keeps the rules

children love the fun and games
of vicars being dopes
so Kev keep up the good work
we all need room for hope

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