i am the vicar, i am

18 11 2009

I am the vicar, I am.
I am the pastor, the carer, the listener
the one with the time to drop everything and
I also understand global politics and immigration and
I am the one who knows about Afghanistan
and cares about ‘our boys’
and I care about speed-humps
and the positioning of zebra crossings near schools.

I am passionate about school assemblies
council meetings
mums and toddlers and also
I am good at one-to-one and small groups and
I listen and empathise and at the same time
I am the one who plans and strategizes and
I am the one who understands budgets and decides if we can buy any staples
or replace the heating system.
I am the vicar, I am.

I am the quiet reflective prayer and
I am the speaker, the enthuser, the motivator, the learned teacher and
I can engage a room of 10, 50, 300 people with no problem because
I am the one who relates particularly well to children
older people
the middle-aged
the jobless
the employed
the doctors
teenagers and
I am the one who is always one step ahead and
I am the one who is endearingly disorganised.
I am the vicar, I am.

I care passionately about church politics
I care passionately about domestic abuse
I care passionately about the plight of Anglo Catholics
women priests
gay clergy
evangelicals and
I listen to the pope
the archbishop and
Rob Bell.

I am up-to-date with theological developments.
I understand the history of the reformation
the armed forces
the war
the government
the deanery
the Jewish background of Jesus and
I care about the excluded and
I manage my admin and
I know how to access children’s services.
I am the vicar, I am.

I am the one in whom trust is placed
I am the one in whom grumbles are placed
I am the one who is always talking to everyone else
I am the one who models worship


I often get it wrong.
I am the one who has to keep my doubts under wraps and
I am also the one who is vulnerable and

I am the one who chairs meetings
I am the one who manages group discussions
I am the manager of an organisation that employs only me
I am the volunteer co-ordinator
the opinion co-ordinator
the trespasser on the territory of people who have been around a lot longer than me
and will be there after me.
I understand the heating system
the financial system
the rota system.

I love committees.

I drink tea with older people
And coffee with younger people
I listen to stories of bus routes and hospital visits and
I believe in transforming our community through the power of Jesus.

I am the one who is very tired.
I am the one who hates wearing dresses but still smiles
and would love to be muddy all the time.

I am the one who only works one day a week.

I am the one who loves this job.
I am the one who is making it up as I go along.
I am the one who would not swap this for anything.
I am the vicar, I am.

© 2009 Kevin Lewis

I am muddy. I am prayerful. I am.



54 responses

18 11 2009
Lee B

Fantastic – got a lot out of this as a reflection on my own walk and work – thanks – keep on keeping on

18 11 2009

Thanks. I was wondering who you were and now I know. Have to go now and work on my ‘I am the blog-botherer, I am’ piece…

18 11 2009

you are also the Husband, the Son, the Brother, the Nephew, the Uncle…… not forgetting the son-in-law 😉 most important of all though you are KEVIN!!

18 11 2009

ps – it’s a brilliant piece

18 11 2009

no wonder you is a tired mudman!

19 11 2009

I am the blog-botherer, I am.
I am the piss-taker, the cryptic, the checker outer
the one with the time to read everything but
insufficient time to devote to an intelligent, articulate and
measured response

I also understand how to annoy and irritate and
provoke and stimulate and challenge and entertain
and use too many ands
and I don’t care about
but I’m passionate about infernal internal rhymes sometimes and
the positioning of words in a sentence.

And pointless abstract sentences.

I am good at sniping and hit-and-run barbs.
I joke when things are serious and when things aren’t serious
Because it’s no joking matter.
I am the blog-botherer, I am.

I am the one who is always reacting and
I am the one who is always seeing the future presence in the present.
I care passionately about caring passionately but
I also can’t be bothered.

I understand that understanding is the key to everything and nothing
I say should be misunderstood which is why I go out of my way
to be deep and meaningless, enigmatic and unfathomable.
I am the blog-botherer, I am.

I am the one who puts the chic in chicanery
And the t he o in theology
I am the one who models subversion.
I am the one who subverts models.
I am the one who is pissing in the wind and
It’s all coming back to me now
I am the blog-botherer, I am.

I am the blogger’s biggest fan
And the commentator’s staunchest advocate
And neither party would agree with me on that which
Is why I am the blog-botherer which I am.
Or maybe not.

19 11 2009

Thanks all for the positive comments, I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but it was my most popular so far… and thanks Edgsoni for your piece too!

I feel I should give a measured, subversive, theologically articulate and utterly pointless response, but I also can’t be bothered. Because I am not the blog-botherer. I am the comment-fermenter, the moderator of commentators, the regulator of couch potatoes. I am.

19 11 2009

Keep going Kevin the vicar, I love it.

Edgesoni the blog-botherer, keep up the good work, or not….thats if you can be bothered !

1 06 2010
10,000 thank you’s « the blog of kevin

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7 06 2011
faith rowbury

He’s our Vicar, our friend,
He’s caring, wise and fun,
He is burdened by our woes and lifted by our happiness,
He’s leading us through Our Lord Jesus Christ,
He’s under pressure to get things going,
He’s a husband and a daddy,
He’s looked up too and respected,but he also the first to told when some ones not happy with things,
He’s a human being who can ask for help along the way,
He’s sometimes met with just silence, sometimes with agreement,
He’s juggling a lot of things, but is led by the Lord,
He will keep on taking us forward with his love,
He’s bringing light to the community,sharing Jesus’ wisdom,
He’s got people around him who want to be guided by his knowledge, but also will help,
He has a home where him and his family are;who make us feel welcome there
God Bless the Vicar – Kevin u r amazing x

7 06 2011

Thanks 🙂 I wasn’t desperately seeking compliments, honest!

7 06 2011

I’m relieved to find that you drink coffee in my presence!
Also, you might want to take out the bit about understanding rota systems after your last two attempts! 🙂

7 06 2011
faith rowbury

Sandie – thats funny about the rota 🙂 !!! Kevin, we know u wasn’t searching for compliments cos you love what u do – but we can still big up the Vicar every now and then x

7 06 2011
Steve Bell

I have no idea who you are, but I love this! Well done, your Parish is lucky to have you.

7 06 2011

Thanks Steve, this is the mystery of the internet! I have no idea who you are, but your encouragement is gratefully received. I can assure you I am not all the “I am’s” in the post! Maybe the ‘endearingly disorganised one…

7 06 2011

This should be compulsory text for those training for ordination. Best summary of what being a Vicar is like I’ve seen. Thanks Kevin for sharing it.

8 06 2011
Angela Baker

I like it! It reminds me, in some ways, of our vicar (who is also a keen blogger). Keep up the good work.

8 06 2011

Thanks revandyw and Angela, thank you for reading. Glad it was helpful!

10 06 2011

A friend sent me to this… it is so true anmd the final stanza is my own experience to a ‘t’. I am a Baptist minsiter I am… and I wouldn’t be anything else for all the tea in China or angels in heaven.

Thank you.

10 06 2011

This is great, thanks.
I’m about to start at college in Sept!
I think maybe this should be on the syllabus – stresses and demands…..but you wouldn’t be doing anything else!
God bless,

10 07 2012

This makes me think of rainbows. I vaguely remember reading a story about the greek goddess Iris who was a messenger of the Gods. She would flit about presumably giving out her messages and leaving rainbows behind her. You are often rushing about all over the place and people generally seem much happier and hopeful when you’ve been somewhere.

10 07 2012

Thanks Cress, that’s a beautiful thing to say. I like to think I leave a rainbow behind. I was going to say maybe sometimes I leave a puddle instead, but that sounded a bit wrong. Definitely not a pot of gold!

7 04 2013
Jo Regan

Fantastic! Thank you.

7 04 2013

Glad you appreciated it!

8 04 2013

Reblogged this on unlimitedchurchblog and commented:
Someone tweeted this poem, and I spent a while reflecting on James’ role in Unlimited.
Being the intern and spending hours and hours every week with him, I can be inspired and excited but also get frustrated or wound up. But whatever the disagreement, he’ll be there, enthusiastic as ever at the next event. Busy texting and facebooking us all to come along, rounding up a team and keeping us motivated throughout, pouring out a passion to see our lives transformed, and often seeing very little response from his congregation (sorry, churchy word! Couldn’t think of an alternative…)

Maybe as you read this poem, thank God for James. Ask God to bless him and for this never-ceasing energy to continue flowing from him as we meet, week on week. Pray for strength and an ever-growing knowledge of God’s love for Him, and His plans for unlimited.

13 04 2013

Kevin, Thanks for this, I am a Baptist Minister currently on sick leave after major spinal surgery. So struggling with life and feeling fed up and down, someone sent me this earlier this morning, and it really cheered me up!!! I related to so much of it, thank you!

13 04 2013

Thanks, glad it helped, hope you recover soon, and get let off doing the rotas for a bit longer.

13 04 2013

Kevin, from one pastor to another, thank you. You have helped more than you will ever now

13 04 2013

Thanks Dave, and thanks for letting me know. God bless you.

14 04 2013

Hi Kevin!
I am a pastor, it is Sunday evening, and I’m soooo tired! Thank you, and bless you. Keep blogging! Xx <- it's ok, I'm a woman! 🙂

14 04 2013

Thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it…

19 04 2013
I am the vicar, I am. | Heretics Anonymous

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19 04 2013
James PB

Reblogged this on revjamespb and commented:
Interesting view on what ministry is in all it’s fullness

19 04 2013
19 04 2013

Hi Kevin, can’t see how to contact you privately! I’m sorry I put this on my blog without attribution – it was one of those things sent round on an email and I stupidly didn’t think to Google it. Would you like me to take it off my blog?

19 04 2013

No it’s fine, as long as its attributed 🙂

20 04 2013

ok thanks 🙂

19 04 2013
Tiggy Sagar

Who is Edgesoni? S/He sounds just like me, except I’m more of a Threadjacker than Blogbotherer. They must have a very similar personality to mine, but cleverer and maybe less cute. I would like to meet them – virtually.

20 04 2013

Reblogged this on The Mendip Nomad and commented:
Wonderful day off today – driving to and from Elburton over the Tamar and along the Plym in gorgeous sunshine, refereeing a flowing game of running rugby, chilling on the sofa and watching tv. Tomorrow I get back to the real work!?

22 04 2013
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22 04 2013
Anita Mathias

Loved it.
Good for you. I wouldn’t last a day under that weight of expectations!

24 04 2013
I am the vicar, I am

[…] © 2009 Kevin Lewis […]

24 04 2013

Hello Kevin

That’s a wonderful, bouncy poem & very funny in parts too.

2 05 2013

Reblogged this on nukelearfishing and commented:
Oooh, Kevin has captured so much of clergy life here.

8 09 2013

That’s a great poem … and a bit of an eye-opener too.

8 09 2013

Thank you 🙂

5 04 2014
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26 05 2014
Ministers in the world | revjamespb

[…] is no clear view on this, as I’ve said before about the image of a young minister, also how ministers might think the world sees us. However much those who are ministers may think about what they do, and however much the church may […]

26 02 2016

Are you the same kevin Lewis that wrote The Kid?

26 02 2016

No I’m not, although were roughly the same age I think and grew up geographically close!

27 02 2016
I am the teacher, I am | scaling the chalkface

[…] by the brilliant poem  I am the vicar, I am by Kevin […]

27 02 2016
Serena Maile

Nice one !!

20 04 2016

Reblogged this on River Anglican and commented:
This pretty much sums it up!

26 02 2017
Kevin Terry

Wow, how do you cope. Sounds like a very interesting and life absorbing job, hope you have developed a balance and don’t allow it to get to you too much. I also feel envious of your job. Keep up the good work….!

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