What the kerfuffle?

20 08 2009

What the kerfuffle?

There’s a whole load of kerfuffle going on. A medical kerfuffle.  You’ve probably heard. I went to the doctor yesterday, to be greeted by a sign on the door that told me if I was feeling ill, to go away. I thought, but this is the doctors. Luckily, I wasn’t feeling ill, just recovering from a 4-inch hole in my tummy. Anyway…. There’s a virus going round causing a kerfuffle; it’s making some people ill, you see. Mostly not badly ill. Sometimes, unfortunately, yes. But most of the time, its just a bad flu. The swine. And yet…

Yesterday, there were 2 bombs in Baghdad that killed 95 people . There are a million orphans in Zimbabwe , read more on Zimbabwe from Nick Baines. 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, many to make our chocolate bars. Maybe 10% of the South African population has HIV/AIDS, with up to one third of pregnant women carrying the virus. Annie Lennox (she’s a singer, they know about these things) has called it a pandemic. There’s a familiar word.

But that is a pandemic virus problem that surely deserves a kerfuffle.

I wrote the following, about the human tendency to worry about our own more than others. I’m no great poet, but someone once said if you go where the poets are, you find out what people really think. The thing is, what do we then do about it?

The World Was Silent When We Died

the world was silent when we died.
silent, but not unseeing.
silent, but not innocent.
the anguish of a million souls
torn and cut and bleeding
denied, or ignored, or condoned.

by default the human cares only for its own.
the sufferings of its own a source of morbid fascination
but of its enemy, or its other
a different colour…

the numbers don’t add
the silence is quieter
the necks that keep turning away
growing stiffer.

© 2007 Kevin Lewis




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