how to look good naked

19 08 2009

Sometimes there is something going on more profound than I first realise. I get grumbly about television sometimes, and How to Look Good Naked has been grumbled about from my lips. And yet… Gok Wan is an interesting character, both irritating and intriguing, and seems to be truly likeable. Yes, he is a walking cliché, which is annoying, but then  as I am probably something of a walking cliché myself, I probably shouldn’t grumble.

Gok Wan

Gok Wan

And actually, I realise when i come down from my high horse, the aim of How to Look Good Naked, unlike a lot of other fashion shows, is actually (just about) admirable. To take ordinary, lumpy bumpy skinny knobbly low self-esteem people like you and I and help them to be free from their negative self-image.

And that got me thinking. What if there was a power greater even than Gok wanting to do the same thing, only bigger. And that got me writing.

how to look good naked

exposure may be the greatest fear so we cover up with layers
fearful of  standing naked exposed
so discomforting it is a form of torture
to degrade and to shame privacy placed in public view
yet still we are obsessed
addicted  to the private worlds of strangers
claimed as our right to see
to know
to photograph
and then to laugh
our own discomfort plain to see
our pain at our own imperfections
leading and driving us to laugh and so destroy ourselves

come before me says the Ancient
naked as you came
naked as you were born
so you will stand again
my eyes will see straight through to your soul in turmoil
cut through the crap to the unknowing you cover with confidence

yet still says the Re-Creator
I will renew your souls,  your hearts
I will shower you with rain that your dry cracked hearts be fresh
I will clothe you in goodness
array you in a robe of purity
I will make you white as snow
so when you stand before me at the Final Day of Love
you will stand Naked and Beautiful
bare to the soul
yet Unafraid
Unashamed in the garden of your Maker
the Source of Life

allow this
desire this
love this
that you may truly know
how to look good naked

© 2008 Kevin Lewis




6 responses

20 08 2009

Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice!

20 08 2009

Thanks Dave… thanks for being my first comment!

22 08 2009

How to look good sacred: Hey, Godfriend, blog is a good colour for you. It matches your mind. Does my faith look big in this?

11 10 2009
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8 03 2010

Well that’s a different take ont he show, that’s for sure.

1 06 2010
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